The Path to Purchase Outside Stores

Field Marketing as a tool for Engagement and Sales

While most of our previous articles looked at how Field Marketing adapts within a changing retail environment, today we are looking at the path to purchase outside stores.


Brands today need to communicate with shoppers in more ways than imagined 10 years ago. The most important change is they also need to listen and engage with their consumers and shoppers. And while availability and activation in retail owned stores will pretty much follow the rules of the retailers, a large chunk of consumer/shopper engagement is derived from direct experiential marketing activities in the physical world, in‑store and in public places.

Apart from changes in communication, brands now have also become retailers themselves. There are online stores, brand owned flagship stores and brands also use the tool of pop‑up stores. In the case of pop‑up stores, the same rules and principle can be applied as in the case of pure players: completely managing a store or even renting the store space.

While we see a lot of brand owned/managed stores in the non‑food sector (technology companies like Apple, sports and fashion stores like Nike), apart from a “fixed” local store, there is the additional or alternative option of the roadshow, which might also be an opportunity for food companies, when one dismisses the idea of selling the original product. Instead there is an experience created around the product in order to engage customers, by making each stop of the roadshow an event and even partially re‑finance the store by selling merchandising articles promoting the brand. In this case the Field Marketing agency can bring in its experience in finding locations, helping create a transportable store, manage the transport, the installation and the manning of the store, plus cooperating with media/social media specialists promoting the event. Taking the merchandising pop‑up store idea further, the Field Marketing agency takes over the complete logistics of the merchandising goods, plan the stock inventory, and even buy and sell the inventory. A concept like that originated in CEE last year and was executed for a beverage company, the roadshow was not only partly through different cities in one country but travelled across eight countries in Europe.

Outside Retail

Services and solutions for the heterogeneous out‑of‑home market with its mixture of retail and gastronomy offering (either on‑the‑go, quick serve, or as an experience) from Field Marketing side as such so far do not change as much. However, easier, more accurate data collection in combination with better analytics does further improve the selection of relevant outlets for coverage or activities, thus generating better revenues.


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Impactful, Innovative & Interdisciplinary: Identifying Field Marketing Part I of a study of Field Marketing in Europe, defines Field Marketing as being about personal interaction, with a DNA consisting of the two strands sales and marketing. These two strands are reflected both in the service range of the majority of Field Marketing agencies, as well as in modern day hybrid services delivered for example by “brand ambassadors”, providing Availability, Activation, Engagement and Implementation Insights to Field Marketing clients across all industry sectors, all sizes, locally and globally, thus making it into a billion Euro industry in Europe.

Influences, Interactions & Innovations: Framing Field Marketing Across Europe, is based on the results of an online survey with 59 Field Marketing agencies from 28 countries, and delivers insights into the capabilities and services within the frame of retailers’ and manufacturers’ pre-requisites, as well as an evaluation of the impact of current developments - retail restrictions, international projects, shopper marketing, online/mobile promotions, plus crowdsourcing and other trends - on budgets and services as seen by Field Marketing Agencies.

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Innovation Integration & Implementation: A Glimpse @ the Future of Field Marketing, is taking a glimpse at future needs and requirements in a shopper centric environment powered by digitalizationand technology. Part III looks at Field Marketing as a Glocal Business, New Alliances and Strategic Partnerships, as well as Scaling Up Plus Scaling Down of services.




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