Field Marketing: Influences, Interactions & Innovations

Free Download: A Study of Field Marketing Across Europe Part II, Influences, Interactions & Innovations: Framing Field Marketing Across Europe. The second whitepaper on Field Marketing, Influences, Interactions & Innovations, is based on the results of an online survey conducted with 59 Field Marketing agencies from 28 countries.

While the first whitepaper Impactful, Innovative & Interdisciplinary: Identifying Field Marketing was about defining Field Marketing today, this second whitepaper is looking both at the framework in which Field Marketing agencies operate, as well as how current trends and developments are influencing services and budgets as viewed by Field Marketing agencies.

Topics include

The chapter on current trends and developments is taking a look at retail restrictions, international projects, shopper marketing, online/mobile promotions, plus crowdsourcing and other trends – and how these impact budgets and services.  

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September 12th, 2016:

Innovation Integration & Implementation: A Glimpse @ the Future of Field Marketing, is taking a glimpse at future needs and requirements in a shopper centric environment powered by digitalization and technology. Part III looks at Field Marketing as a Glocal Business, New Alliances and Strategic Partnerships, as well as Scaling Up Plus Scaling Down of services.

In case you missed the first whitepaper, here is a brief summary:

Part I of our study of Field Marketing in Europe, Impactful, Innovative & Interdisciplinary: Identifying Field Marketing, defined Field Marketing as being about personal interaction, with a DNA consisting of the two strands sales and marketing. These two strands are reflected both in the service range of the majority of Field Marketing agencies, as well as in modern day hybrid services delivered for example by “brand ambassadors”, providing Availability, Activation, Engagement and Implementation Insights to Field Marketing clients across all industry sectors, all sizes, locally and globally, thus making it into a billion Euro industry in Europe.

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