Understanding Customers

Understanding Customers - perhaps just as important as your brand strategy?
These days many brands finalize their strategies and plans for 2016. And there is a lot that needs to be taken into account, especially how to communicate with increasingly difficult to reach consumers. What, however, few brands have included in their plans is, what their major customers choose to prioritize in 2016.
To understand customers is not only an aside question. It is very much a management issue.  
For example let’s have a look at  the strategic priorities 2016 of ICA (one of the leading retailers in the Nordics):
• develop leading CRM and a common Swedish loyalty programs 
• secure competitive prices and a fair price perception 
• develop ICA's offer and position in health
• strengthen the offer of special products, including Hemtex (new for 2016) 
• create a leading omnichannel strategy  across segments and platforms 
• further strengthen the position in the Baltic States 
• increase efficiency throughout the value chain, with a focus on store operations and digitization (New for 2016) 
• improve IT development through closer business connection and new work (New for 2016) 
• incorporate ICA's common values and develop the company talent management 
• supporting customers' sustainable choices and operate a climate-operation
So to all of you, who have ICA as a major customer: concern yourselves on what they want and how their priorities look like, but above all, busy yourself,  what is the platform where your brand can strengthen retailers position through a unique and exciting offer to the shopper?
To understand this, it requires extensive work of the whole company and not just KAM.
And I assume, this is not only valid for Sweden.
If you want more indepth information, please email me.
martin.mostrom @ retailhouse.se
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